Making Friends: Social Network for Developmental Disabilities

While most humans are naturally very social creatures, not everyone has the skills necessary to develop friendships. This is true of everyone, regardless of their culture, background, abilities, or disabilities. Learning how to make and keep friends is something that must be taught and practiced throughout life. Friendship has many benefits, providing the individual with…

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Social Media Networks & the Positive Disabled Community Trend

Most people know about the downside to social media. Spending too much time watching videos, posting comments, and not interacting with people in real life. However, there have been some positive effects from this powerful medium, in particular, for the disabled community. Real people share photos, videos, and stories about the triumphs, challenges, and encouraging…

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Accessible to All: Overcoming Friendship & Disability Issues

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made some excellent strides in recent years with regard to making sure that schools, parks, play areas, and recreational facilities are accessible to all. Learning how to make friends at a young age is a skill that will last a lifetime. Overcoming disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy…

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Overcoming Social Isolation: Positive Friendships and Autism

We talk a lot about how crucial it is for children to learn how to make friends, how to increase their social skills and get out in the world. But have you ever tried to make friends as an adult? It’s ever so much harder than childhood friendships, which can sometimes whip up unexpectedly on…

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A Brand New Social Network for Developmental Disabilities

Boy in wheelchair with ball

One of the biggest challenges facing young adults with developmental disabilities is learning how to make and build lifelong friendships. It can be difficult for anyone to establish a friendship that will stand the test of time, but even more so when the individual is dealing with a developmental disability. While most babies are learning…

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Online Support: Don’t Let an Autism Diagnosis Hold You Back

Girl with headphone and tablet

One of the best methods to encourage individuals who might be feeling discouraged about a developmental disability is to show them examples of others who accomplished great things even with the same diagnosis. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has a wide range of symptoms for each child, and the treatment, goals, and opportunities can vary considerably,…

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Making Friends: Overcome Issues with Friendship and Disability

friendship and disability

Many people find it difficult to meet new friends and to make lasting friendships. However, it is even more challenging for children and teens with developmental disabilities like cerebral palsy and autism. When you have good friends, they can be there for you to support you in the good times and the bad. They are…

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Why Making Friends is So Important in the Disabled Community

Three girls with camera

For those who are new to the activities and goals of the disabled community, the stress on making friends and building a social network may be surprising. What does friendship have to do with development for children and teenagers? Why are social activities and events so essential? Friendships are important to all children, regardless of…

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A New Nonprofit Connects Young People with Disabilities

Trevor Kelliher, who has cerebral palsy, created All Friends Network during the pandemic, a free app and social network for those with developmental disabilities who want to make friends. Many of us were plunged into isolation at the start of the pandemic—working from home and discouraged from leaving our houses and seeing friends, with no…

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